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  • Five New Data Centres, Unlimited Possibilities

    More interconnection means more opportunity. With five new state-of-the-art data centres opening around the world this year, your future just unfolded. Accelerate performance. Realise new possibilities. Ignite innovation. Increase value. Grow in new directions.

  • Innovative Edge Data Centre Strategies for Superior Customer Experience

    By reimagining your data centre, network and storage architectures and unlocking the power of interconnection to get closer to the right cloud services, employees, customers, partners and markets, you can increase customer performance and accelerate your business. See what Forrester has to say.

  • Have a look inside our award-winning data centre

    You’ve heard how good our data centres are. Why not see for yourself?
    Take a tour of our award-winning SY3 IBX data centre and see what sets us apart.

  • Creating an Interconnected Cloud Service

    As more and more customers rely on cloud computing, providers need to be prepared to tackle the challenges that are inherent to widespread cloud adoption and optimise their service performance. Are you ready?


    Performance Hub™

    Is your application, network or cloud performance lagging? If so, then it's time to plug in to Equinix Performance Hub.

    What's in your rack?


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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 4, 2015 – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), ...

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – May 20, 2015 – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), ...

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — May 4, 2015 — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global in...

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Secure, high-performance connectivity to leading hybrid cloud services available...


Reach all the world’s top business markets within 10 milliseconds.

5 continents
15 countries
33 metro areas
100+ data centres
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We build data centres in which you can build your business.

  • Colocation

  • Connection

  • Continuity

  • Consulting

Anyone can provide space, power and cooling. We provide peace of mind.

  • Operational Excellence


    average uptime worldwide

  • Customer Satisfaction


    of our customers say they'd recommend us to a peer

  • World-Class Security


    on-site security, plus 5 controlled entry points to access the colocation floor

  • Industry-Leading Scale


    invested in our global interconnection platform since 1998

Count on Equinix to connect you to your customers and partners.

  • Networks


    networks available worldwide through our data centres

  • Peering


    companies peering on our Internet Exchange

  • Ethernet


    "lit" buildings accessible through Equinix Ethernet Exchange

  • Business-To-Business


    cross connects link Equinix customers to each other

Safeguard your mission-critical business.

  • Reliability


    average uptime across our global platform

  • Redundancy


    options for network redundancy

  • Resilience


    backup power for failsafe systems

  • Recovery


    milliseconds of latency for replicating data to cloud storage

Vendor-neutral guidance and support from data centre experts

  • Solutions Architects

    Guidance on location selection, network optimisation and application performance

  • Solutions Engineers

    Design and deployment assistance for new data centre installations

  • Smart Hands

    Experienced on-site support and remote management


Building for the future.


Put our connections to work for your business.



Plug into 1,000+ networks and leading cloud infrastructure providers to reach 33 markets worldwide.



Tap into a US $5.5 billion market for network services inside our data centres.

digital media
and content


Deliver your services to the world's top population centres within 10 milliseconds.



Discover the power of interconnection inside the world’s new financial center



Connect with advertising technology partners to accelerate bidding and delivery of online ads.

Join 1000s of customers in other industries

Choose from an unmatched range of network, cloud and IT service providers to boost business agility and performance while lowering costs.


See how leaders build for success on Equinix.

Grew cloud to 50 percent of their business

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