Mobile Service Enablers

As a mobile services enabler, you sit at the core of the value chain of handset original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), smartphone operating system (OS) platforms, user interface providers, messaging enablers and interoperability providers. Your success depends on providing your customers with reliable and resilient interoperability.

"Equinix is a critical part of the equation for ensuring we can run a profitable business while pursuing new market opportunities."

- David Ratner, COO, SEVEN Networks

Platform Equinix™ Features and Benefits

  • Direct access to the world’s leading mobile and wireline networks
  • Access to data roaming within IBX data centres – 24 of 35 GRX operators use Equinix for peering global data roaming services
  • Access to IPX networks that enable quality of service and prioritisation of services
  • Direct interconnection to popular applications and content, including social networking, audio and video, advertising and email for reduced latency and increased user satisfaction
  • Direct access to value chain partners for end-to-end enablement (mash-ups)
  • Availability of 14M+ m2 of global data centre capacity in 41 global markets to ensure your operations can scale
  • Localisation of traffic within the largest consumer markets globally

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