Equinix Ad-IX Ecosystem Grows

451 Research looks at the highly competitive market of real-time bidding for online video ad inventory. In this fast-paced ad exchange an ad buy must take place within a few milliseconds or an advertiser risks losing product views at the most critical moment – when a captive user is searching for the advertiser’s product. Equinix’s AD-IX ecosystem helps reduce transaction latency, giving advertisers an edge in getting the online views they need.


  • Industry standard for an ad buy is under 100 milliseconds, but it takes time for information to move between parties
  • The farther apart the parties, the more latency for the ad buy process
  • AD-IX creates a ‘network effect’ making it economically advantageous to be near customers, partners

The ad-tech market is undergoing a transformation analogous to the financial exchanges years ago, where low-latency offerings were sought to gain a competitive edge. Equinix’s Interconnected Oriented Architecture (IOA) brings together disparate industry players in an ecosystem and connects them via a datacenter to improve business for all participants.

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