Gartner Report – Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the 'Glue' for Advanced Digital Business Applications

Increasingly, enterprises are leveraging hybrid IT to manage their enterprise resources and assets in the cloud, alongside their on-premises and colocation infrastructures. And with the expansion of hybrid IT in digital business, companies’ reliance and expectations around interconnection are also expanding.

According to Gartner, “Digital business is enabled and enhanced through high-speed, secure, low-latency communication among enterprise assets, cloud resources, and an ecosystem of service providers and peers. Architects and IT leaders must consider carrier-neutral data centre interconnection to integrate as digital business enablers.”


  • Deploy data centre interconnection that is as flexible and agile as your dynamic digital assets.
  • Leveraging a data centre interconnect fabric model that interconnects digital business and elevates its value.

We propose that topology, technology and design all favour building a digital business solution using colocation-based, programmable networking, which we will call ‘data centre interconnect fabric,’ allowing dynamic interconnection between enterprise peers, cloud providers, communications providers and a growing marketplace of service providers.

Gartner “Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the 'Glue' for Advanced Digital Business Applications”, Bob Gill, 28 July 2016.

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