Equinix IBXflex Space

The Equinix IBXflex™ family of products is designed to provide customers with non-cage space within, or in close proximity to, an Equinix IBX® data center. Our units are designed to support mission-critical, 24-hour operation centers and can be used as storage areas for equipment and replacement parts. These units also feature the same secure and robust features as our IBX data centers—ensuring your assets are secure.



IBXflex space solutions are equipped with industry-leading environmental support systems.

Standard Features Include:

  • Fire suppression system
  • Environmental control and shared HVAC
  • Secure access through biometric hand-geometry or card scanners
  • Manned security and monitoring via CCTV cameras
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen/break room
  • Restrooms
  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Smoke detection (per unit)
  • Generator-protected lighting/HVAC systems

Office Space

Designed for comfort and functionality, our IBXflex office spaces provide access to numerous amenities.

Each unit includes the following:

  • Solid door with pin-proxy card access
  • 24-port termination panel
  • Shared cable tray access
  • Controllable variable air volume unit with thermostat, carpet flooring, and generator-only power with duplex and/or quadplex outlets. (Note: Quantity of power circuits and outlets are based on size of unit.)

Storage Space

These units are designed for staging and storage, and not occupancy. Shared IBXflex–storage space units are available in SV1 and SV3 locations only.

IBXflex Space Sizes:

  • IBXflex office Space: 15 m2 : 305 m2
  • IBXflex storage space: 15.2 m2 : 38 m2
  • IBXflex shared storage space: 1.10 sqm H x 1.22 m W x 1.52 sqm D

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