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As an industry leader, Equinix was invited by the Uptime Institute to help in the development of a new Management and Operations (M&O) Protocol and Site Assessment Service, which was announced 1 February 2012. Equinix was one of the first companies globally and the first in the Americas to collaborate with Uptime Institute on the site assessment service, contributing input on developing the program and providing feedback following a pilot run of the assessment at the Equinix campus in Ashburn, Va.

The assessment was created to address a practical need for an industry-driven set of criteria for operational and site management independent of Uptime's Tier Certification and to enable data centres to be recognised for their management and operations capabilities, independent of their infrastructure.

Equinix received a score of 95+ out of a possible 100 on the pilot assessment of its Ashburn campus, significantly exceeding the score of 80 that is required to receive an Uptime Institute M&O Site Award.

The key areas reviewed, observed and validated included:

  • Staffing levels, qualifications and skill mix
  • Training and professional development assessment
  • Preventative maintenance program and processes
  • Operating conditions and housekeeping
  • Planning management and coordination practices and resources

Equinix's Participation in the Management and Operations Assessment Best Practices

Equinix provided feedback on assessment criteria for the benefit of the data centre industry and private operators. For the benefit of Equinix's customers, the company has used the protocol to further improve its world-class operational organisation. While Equinix continually delivers better than >99.99999% percent availability globally across its IBX data centres today, it continually strives to improve its operational capability, ensuring that Platform Equinix™ always remains the number one choice for customers to deploy mission-critical applications and infrastructure to connect with one another.

To find out more about the Uptime Institute's Management and Operations Site Award visit Uptime Institute.

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