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Your experience with Equinix will be even better, with a more robust customer service team acting as your representative within Equinix and covering a broader range of activities. Here you will find information about the Customer Success Manager (CSM), the scenarios when they can help, how this interaction takes place, the period and languages in which the CSM is available, changes when opening a trouble ticket, and how the CSM can help customers who have points of contingency and Service Level Manager (SLM) acquired within Equinix Brazil.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

CSM Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm

For support outside CSM hours:

Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) - Support via Phone and Email

Support by phone: Available 24x7x365

Support by email: Available 24x7x365

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Phone Support FAQs

Will there be any change to Equinix Brazil’s customer support telephone support numbers?

The Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) telephone numbers for Brazil is 0800.878.1202. In addition, we will be introducing a new international number (1 866 378 4649) , which will allow you to contact Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) if you happen to be out of Brazil.

Will there be any change to the to the working hours of technical telephone support?

No. The Equinix GSD telephone support will continue to be provided 24 x 7 x 365, as it is today.

Will there be any change to the scope of telephone support?

No, the Equinix GSD will continue to be your main support contact for any technical needs or issues, regardless of the type of service.

Will there be any change in the technical telephone support languages offered?

Yes, Equinix will now provide Portuguese, English and Spanish language support when you contact the Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD)

Email Support FAQs

I understand there will be a new email channel for customer support. What will be the email address, and when can I start opening tickets via this new support channel?

In addition to the traditional channels of the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and Global Service Desk (GSD) telephone support, starting on October 8th, you can begin submiting requests by email to The Equinix GSD will receive your email message, interpret your request and then open a ticket. Then you will receive an automatic email, with the ticket number, so you can track and interact with your request via the ECP or by contacting the Equinix GSD team directly.

What will be the service scope of this new email support channel?

The scope will remain the same as the traditional support channels (GSD and ECP). So, starting on October 8th, requests for service and support and requests for information or notifications, can also be made by email through

What languages will be available for this email support channel?

Customer emails arriving at will be received in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Will opening tickets via email support be as fast as traditional channels (GSD telephone and ECP)?

No. Customer emails arriving at must go through an interpretation phase to arrive at the proper language support queue. Consequently, this process may stretch timeframes. It is always encouraged to call GSD directly or to open trouble tickets via the ECP for faster response times on critical support requests (operating impacting events).

How will the customer receive an answer with regards to tickets opened via email support?

All support requests by email will be processed by our Equinix GSD team. The customer will receive an automated email with the request details to track and/or update the request via the ECP or by contacting the Equinix GSD team directly.

What types of email notifications should I expect from Equinix?

From time to time, you can expect to receive notifications from some of our teams:

  • Data Center Operations: Data center events, incidents and outages that may affect you
  • Network Operations Center (NOC): Network events, incidents and outages that may affect you
  • Managed Services: Infrastructure events and incidents that can affect you, such as system monitoring and services events (if purchased), managed change and troubleshoot manage notifications (if purchased)
  • Ticket acknowledgement and closures
  • Project completion notices