Equinix Infrastructure Services

Easily manage deployments with data center experts and certified technology partners


Available in 220+ Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres, Equinix Infrastructure Services (EIS) combine our data centre expertise with the skills and scale of certified technology partners worldwide.


Turnkey services

Equinix can plan and project manage your entire deployment including designing the cage.

One vendor, one invoice

We vet and manage all vendor partners, and consolidate all billing on a single invoice.

World-class design

Our colocation expertise ensures anefficient design that optimises space and guarantees easy service access.

Equinix Structured Cabling

We offer structured cablingthat reduces complexity and downtime risk, simplifies service and supports scalability.

Future proofing

We use our knowledge of data centre technology to provide flexible solutions that accommodate growth and change.


  • Source everything you need: cages and cabinets, power distribution systems, cable management equipment, security systems and accessories
  • Ensure all equipment performs consistently and interoperates seamlessly within our data centres
  • Schedule all deliveries to arrive when access is available
  • Utilise our proven, repeatable migration process to assure high availability, low risk and fast migration
  • Have your deployments expansion ready and future proof through your Equinix team