As digital business landscape needs evolve a multi-cloud adaptation to edge computing will become increasingly important. Gartner explores how the topology of networked data centres will evolve over the next five years from a centralised mega data centre approach to one augmented by multiple smaller sources to optimise end user experience.

Discover how to make edge computing successful:

  • Invest in architecture and technologies
  • Collaborate cross-functionally
  • Leverage best practices from vertical industries

I&O leaders who plan to migrate some or all applications to cloud services must continue to support robust, traditional data centre capabilities until applications can be renovated, modernised and moved to cloud-based technologies.

Gartner, The Edge Manifesto: Digital Business, Rich Media, Latency Sensitivity and the Use of Distributed Data Centres, Bob Gill, 15 June 2017.

Gartner – The Edge Manifesto | Equinix Analyst Report