Accelerate Content Creation, Distribution and Monetisation

Localise delivery of cloud-supported media, entertainment and advertising services to your customers, employees and partners at the digital edge. Create high-quality, on-demand content and products with personalised content that follows the consumer to any device, anytime, anywhere.

Content and Digital Media Playbook

Evolve your Content and Digital Media (CDM) enterprise with content delivery architectures that exceed the digital demand of today’s users. See how CDM companies can implement an interconnection-based, digital edge strategy that accelerates digital transformation.

Build your Solution with the CDM Blueprint

Visit the site to download the CDM blueprint and re-architect to meet the demands of today’s users and increase revenue.

Discovery Communications Video

Watch the video to see how Platform Equinix enabled Discovery Communications to deliver content to all its users.

Media and Entertainment Industry

See how Platform Equinix optimises content creation, global distribution and services across the entire media and entertainment industry.


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