Re-architecting for interconnection

Re-architecting for interconnection at the digital edge enables the private data exchange between manufacturers' digital ecosystems (network, cloud, IoT) on a distributed colocation data centre platform. It also supports real-time collaboration with customers and supply chain partners for greater customisation and servitisation.

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Get the playbook that outlines how manufacturing industry leaders can be more proactive in solving supply chain inefficiencies, lowering costs and delivering greater consumer customization and servitisation.

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Visit the site to download the Manufacturing blueprint and see how you can optimise processes using product and customer data and automation across the product lifecycle.

Orion Engineered Carbons Case Study

Read how a carbon black manufacturer centralised global IT in Equinix locations to improve resilience, reduce risk and cut costs.

ASICS EMEA case study

Read how ASICS EMEA takes IT infrastructure to the cloud, optimising performance, gaining agility and managing risk.

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