Our online procurement tool: Coupa

Equinix,Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world's leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most interconnected data centers. On this global platform for digital business, companies come together across more than 50 markets on five continents to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything they need to create their digital futures.

Over the past twenty years, Equinix has grown to a global footprint of over 200 data centers around the world. With that growth comes opportunity to leverage and scale our organization. Equinix has made the decision to formally structure a global Procurement organization to take advantage of these opportunities. In Procurement, we source and procure products and services required to build and support our IBX locations. We are investing in our supplier relationships by deploying Coupa to ensure effective and efficient Source to Pay processes between Equinix and our supply base.

Coupa is now used by many of Equinix's suppliers, with more joining at regular intervals.

When it is time for you to sign up to use Coupa, Equinix will work with you through the transition. If you have any questions about how this affects you, please contact us at EMEA.Vendor.Support@eu.equinix.com

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How Coupa can benefit you

Coupa is easy to use and offers a number of benefits for Equinix's suppliers. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) gives you the following functionality:

  • Update your business details, from address to bank information
  • View all purchase orders online, in one place
  • Submit your invoices directly, reducing errors and speeding up payment times
  • Track progress on your invoice payments
  • Create and invoice from a purchase order and submit it at the touch of a button


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This is a secure digital gateway enabling the Equinix supplier partner and Equinix to register, trade and exchange status updates electronically. As an Equinix supplier, this online portal supports the purchase order and invoicing processes. The portal is often referred to as the CSP portal, which relates to our third-party partner (“Coupa Supplier Portal”).

The supplier portal enables both parties to better support their respective back-office processes in a more efficient and effective manner. This solution supports Equinix’s digital journey and transformation.

Supplier registration is required prior registering for the supplier portal. Equinix requests that supplier partners provide relevant information, applicable certification and confirmation sign off to our Partner Code of Conduct to support due diligence before becoming an approved Equinix supplier. The approval registration process is separated for security reasons, and a follow up supplier portal link will be sent to approved Equinix suppliers.

Supplier portal is provided by via third-party-hosted solution and integrated into Equinix’s platforms.

The Coupa Supplier Portal, or CSP, is the online portal through which you, as an Equinix Supplier, can work with your purchase orders and invoices.

Supplier portal terms & conditions are required to confirm the use of hosted solution. These are different to Equinix standard terms & conditions which support the supply of goods and services into Equinix. Equinix standard terms are available at

The supplier portal provides system functionality and access beyond becoming an approved Equinix supplier. Existing Equinix suppliers will be requested to reconfirm their registration details.

The supplier portal enables supplier partner to trade electronically with Equinix. The advantages are:

  • Immediate access and retrieval of Equinix purchase order(s);
  • Functionality to provide order acknowledgement;
  • Supplier self-service management of product, service and price book catalogues uploads and updates;
  • Ability to flip Equinix purchase order into a supplier invoice (PO flip);
  • Submission and management of invoices, receipt and payment statuses This use of the supplier portal will improve the efficiency of the back-office time to receive, process and remit. A key benefit for the Equinix supplier will be real-time understanding of status rather than sending emails requesting updates. We believe that the solution will provide a big win for both Equinix and our supplier partner.

A link will be sent to approved Equinix suppliers upon request

Equinix suppliers may have more than one supplier portal account depending on the nature of their organisational set-up. Equinix would recommend that the supplier partner centralises the management of their individual accounts into the same supplier portal. Functionality within the portal supports discrete management of multiple accounts allowing different supplier legal entities to be managed centrally or locally.

Equinix requires users to register with business/organisation account email address. The supplier portal solution supports access from multiple devices and locations.

The supplier portal allows the supplier to set up functional contacts / individuals that support different elements of the process. For example, PO processing, PO acknowledgement, invoice, etc. The supplier will need to allocate a primary account owner to manage this internally for the supplier. Invitations cannot be re-directed. If you are not the right person to administrate , please advise your point of contact at Equinix and inform us who the correct supplier contact should be.

Sit back and enjoy the benefits of digitalisation. Please let us know your feedback.

The CSP is available in your local language. It can be changed at the bottom of the page. This will not translate information on Equinix transactions, just the on-screen labels.

See our guide on 'How to submit an invoice using the supplier portal'

Email. You do not need to have a supplier portal account or access to the supplier portal (SP) to take part in sourcing events. You can access an event directly from your sourcing event email invite. See 'How do I participate in a sourcing event' for more information.

Expand the item to see additional fields (for example) description) to enter details .

Depending on the time you need to fill in your responses, your browser might time out. To avoid losing your responses, enter them offline by using the exported .csv file and import the file back into the event. If you decide to fill in your responses online, make sure you save your changes frequently.

For supported browsers, see the documentation for the relevant Coupa release. Coupa sourcing works best with Chrome.

Coupa allows most file types to be attached EXCEPT for the following:


The file size limit is 100 MB per upload The recommended number of attachments is 20-40