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Our Expanding Global Footprint

Since 1998, Equinix has invested over $17 billion to build the world’s largest interconnection platform – currently totalling 200+ data centres across 53 markets in more than 22 countries.

Direct interconnection to this extensive global ecosystem of customers and partners enables transformative access to all your people, locations, clouds and data – giving you a competitive advantage at the digital edge.


1998: Equinix opens first IBX in Washington DC


2002: Completed a merger with I-STT and Pihana Pacific expanding our footprint to 11 IBX in 7 Metros


2007: Acquired IX Europe expanding our footprint to 40 IBX in 16 Metros


2010: Acquired Switch & Data expanding our footprint to 89 IBX in 34 Metros


2011: Acquired ALOG expanding our footprint to 96 IBX in 36 Metros


2016: Acquired Telecity Group and Bit-isle expanding our footprint to 169 IBX in 40 Metros


2017: Acquired Verizon Data Centres expanding our global footprint to 175+ IBX in 44 Metros

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Hong Kong – Vital centre for international finance

  • Only vendor-agnostic provider and carrier-dense network hub in Hong Kong
  • Major Asian hub for international finance, trade and enterprise
  • Citywide connected campus enables efficient resource allocation and resiliency

Miami – Home of the primary exchange to Latin America

  • Primary Internet exchange point between the U.S. and Latin American markets
  • Direct interconnection to 625 Equinix customers collocated in the Miami area
  • Access to the Department of State’s Diplomatic Telecommunications Service

Culpeper Data Centres – Hub for government and federal agencies

  • Strategically located 60 miles from Washington DC
  • Robust federal government and agencies ecosystem
  • Most secure and technologically sophisticated data centres on the east coast

Madrid Data Centres

  • MD1 has 18 carriers and MD2 has 45+ providing network connectivity services at the facilities
  • Customers can also benefit from direct connections to ESpanix – the main Spanish Internet peering exchange
  • Cloud connectivity is a key feature within the metro

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Lisbon Data Centres

  • The Equinix carrier-neutral data centre providing network services to the site and is the main provider of data centre services in the city.
  • Lisbon represents an important international connectivity hub, with sub-sea cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula from Lisbon to Africa and South America

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Sofia – Emerging Digital Hub

  • Seamlessly connect to the Bulgarian Internet Exchange (BIX)
  • Interconnect with 100+ organizations who have a presence inside Equinix
  • Gain access to a market considered to be a major outsourcing hub

Seville Data Centers

  • The center has an important role in serving the local IT community as well as providing disaster recovery and business continuity capability for national and international businesses
  • The Equinix data center in Seville is the most connected facility in the region providing a dense mix of top global networks cloud service providers, digital content companies and social media platforms
  • The Seville data center is connected to the Canalink cable which lands in Morocco and the Canary Islands

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Istanbul – Access to European, Middle East and Asian Markets

  • Business capital of Turkey connecting enterprises between Europe and Asia
  • Interconnect with 150+ world’s leading organizations
  • Gain access to a market forecasted to become Europe’s second largest manufacturing hub

Bogotá – Colombia’s key economic centre

  • Located in Zona Franca
  • Proximity to key financial services companies
  • Interconnection with a 30+ companies

Barcelona Data Centers

  • Connections to 40+ network service providers
  • The Equinix BA1 data centre is the only carrier-neutral facility in Barcelona.
  • The city is strategically located for international communications with sub-sea cables connecting to Marseille and on to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula

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