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Media & Entertainment


Disruption is Creating Opportunity and Risk in the Media and Entertainment Industry

As media becomes commoditized in the digital era, new business models are increasingly focused on innovation and efficiency across the production cycle - and value creation at the point of engagement, where end-users expect high quality service on every device, all the time, everywhere. To capture the opportunity, leading edge companies are streamlining production workflows, reducing time and cost, and expanding distribution capabilities to tap into billions of smart TVs and devices around the globe.

PwC forecasts smartphone connections to reach 3.85 billion in 2019, creating “both significant new opportunities and considerable challenges for companies creating and distributing filmed entertainment content.” Similarly, Cisco forecasts that 62% of all internet traffic will cross content delivery networks by 2019, and that 80% of all traffic will be video.

EMCEE™ Enables a New Global Standard for Production and Distribution

Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™) is the next-generation reference model for optimizing content creation, global distribution and services across the entire media and entertainment industry. EMCEE enables highly efficient workflows in all phases of content creation, as well as highly reliable, quality distribution to end users, in the most markets, on the most devices, at the best price point.

Performance, Agility and Efficiency

  • Enable reliable worldwide distribution with access to 1,800+ networks, carriers, mobile providers and ISPs
  • Peer with the industry's largest concentration of content delivery networks (CDNs), multiple system operators (MSOs) and social media platforms
  • Directly access major cloud service providers via Equinix Cloud Exchange™ for a whole new level of agility
  • Develop faster, more efficient content creation workflows leveraging Equinix Performance Hub™ and Equinix Data Hub™

Ultimately, the relationship with Equinix will allow ContentBridge to bring advanced digital supply chain solutions directly to the content, wherever the content owner chooses to maintain the digital library.

Interconnection is the Foundation for Success

Built on Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™), EMCEE efficiently improves network and application performance, security and end-user satisfaction. IOA directly and securely interconnects clouds, networks, business ecosystems and data at the edge, providing virtual control and transparency across the world’s most globally interconnected data centers, within the largest cloud and network provider-neutral marketplaces.