Equinix Fabric

How digital business connects

Connect digital infrastructure and services on demand at software speed via secure, software-defined interconnection. Scale hybrid deployments, achieve network agility, directly connect to partners and providers easily and securely.


Connect everything everywhere

  • Quickly and easily interconnect physical and virtual digital infrastructure
  • Reach global markets across our expanding footprint of 50+ locations

Connect on demand

  • Connect via APIs for automated provisioning
  • Simplify how you interconnect to thousands of service providers in the industry’s largest infrastructure ecosystem

Connect with confidence

  • Improve performance with low-latency private connections running over a purpose-built Layer 2 network
  • Bypass the public internet and reduce security threats and attack surface

Direct access to a world of service providers

  • Connect to 5x more network, content and cloud providers – all from a single location
  • Connect infrastructure and services for more flexible architectures
  • Connect with new types of service providers, with new providers adding services every month



Power to expand into new markets

Build out your enterprise in major markets worldwide with software-defined interconnection on Platform Equinix.