Architect Your Digital Edge with IOA™

Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA) enables a transformative approach to IT that supports digital engagement and leverages the power of digital ecosystems.

An Incremental Approach to Digital Transformation

Interconnect your people, locations, clouds and data with IOA. These four steps will take you from siloed and fixed to integrated and dynamic.

Simplify the topology

Localise, segment and optimise network traffic flows, bringing your WAN and LAN together at the edge.

Create security guard rails

Localise security services and govern multi-party flows with boundaries and inspection zones.

Establish a data fabric

Localise data requirements and balance access with protection and govern data movement.

Integrate Via Intersection Points.

Localise application services, as a multi-cloud, multi-party business and integration point.

The Playbook for Digital Transformation

The IOA Playbook is the entry point to an entire Knowledge Base of blueprints, patterns and tools derived from real-life implementations. Built for architects and informed by experts who have re-architected for the digital edge, the IOA Playbook is a proven and repeatable “how-to” guide to digital transformation.

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See how Interconnection is Transforming Your Industry

Download your industry solution brief and see how IOA enables transformative access to partners, customers and new market opportunities around the globe.

Customer Success Stories

Partnering with Equinix, a world-class colocation and interconnection service provider, was a “faster, better and cheaper” strategy for growing the company, expanding its global footprint and better serving our customers with greater performance and reliability.

– Nandu Mahadevan, Vice President, SaaS Operations , BMC Software

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A Cost Benefit Analysis of Interconnection

Get an in depth look at Forrester Consulting’s findings in The Total Economic Impact™ of Equinix Interconnection Solutions that resulted in cost savings and business benefits like 42% average latency reduction, 300% return on investment and an average payback in 4.2 months.

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Plug into the largest global interconnection platform in the world and transform your ability to compete at the digital edge.

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