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Adelaide Data Centre

  • Capital city and commercial centre of South Australia
  • A major home of Australia’s defence industry and high-tech manufacturing
  • An integral part of the largest data centre provider in Australia

Why Choose Adelaide

Reach Everywhere

Part of Equinix's interconnection platform that spans all six of Australia's top markets and 52 cities worldwide to enable new business possibilities.

Interconnect Everyone

Our Adelaide International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is provider-neutral, so you can connect to multiple cloud and network providers to scale your business and drive digital transformation.

Integrate Everything

Deploy in our highly secure and reliable Adelaide data centre to leverage a large and growing list of technology partners to evolve your digital platform.

Awards & Advocacy

Three-time recipient of the Australia Data Center of the Year award from Frost and Sullivan (2011, 2012, 2016).

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Adelaide IBX® Data Centre
  • Colocation space in our IBX data centre

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