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Join us for the Equinix SY5 launch event and get insights on how to successfully transform your business, followed by a tour of the new facility. With two decades of experience with interconnection, Equinix has been at the frontlines of digital transformation and change.


How real-time data analytics, rapid content delivery and localised workloads are defining the next era of user experience and organisational agility.

How to avoid complexity and delay by delivering intelligence and readiness.

Hear from

Technology futurist on trends like cloud computing, data analytics, core modernisation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and digital experience.

A speaker from the Children’s Cancer Institute will talk about how they’re tapping into Platform Equinix to accelerate their mission to put an end to childhood cancer, taking advantage of network optimisation, hybrid multi-cloud and distributed data.


Connect with Equinix in Sydney

Did you know that just 14 percent of executives say their technology overhauls have led to sustained performance improvements?

Digital transformation is a journey. While you can’t do everything at once, it helps to establish a foundation that supports the strategic direction you decide to take.

Without this foundation, digital investments can become distractions. Complexity, cost, latency and security issues emerge to scupper success. You end up with a twisted mass of things, rather than an interconnected network of possibilities.

Equinix Sydney is Australia’s most interconnected data centre campus with direct links to submarine cable landing stations for global connectivity.

Our vendor-neutral Sydney IBX data centres offer direct access to multiple cloud providers via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ and direct connection to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and a wide ecosystem of local providers.

Equinix SY5

SY5 is the largest data centre to date for Equinix in Australia and will provide 9,220 cabinets at full build.

Located in Alexandria, SY5 is the latest addition to our Sydney campus and benefits from direct fibre cross connect capability between SY1/2/3/4 IBX data centres.

Featured Speakers


Michael McQueen 
Founder, Nexgen Group and Author

Michael McQueen is an Australian-born futurist, speaker, social researcher, international bestselling author, media commentator and the founder of training and consultancy company The Nexgen Group. He has helped some of the world's best-known brands navigate change and maintain their position at the forefront of the market.

Michael has written several highly successful books. One of the books, “How to Prepare Now for What's Next,” gives powerful insights into future disruptions and strategies for surviving and thriving in turbulent times. In “Teaching for Tomorrow” (released 2019), McQueen describes megatrends that will dominate the coming decades, as we brace for a perfect storm of technological and social change.

Mark Cowley

Mark Cowley
Head of the Computational Biology Research Group
Children’s Cancer Institute

Mark Cowley is an associate professor and head of the Computational Biology Research Group at the Children’s Cancer Institute in Sydney. His research focuses on developing innovative methods to improve health outcomes in patients. In the era of precision medicine, Cowley’s group uses big data and novel analytics to better understand each child’s disease at the molecular level. He uses this information to predict the best possible therapies for each patient and has achieved remarkable successes recently.




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