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Become an Equinix partner and join the global ecosystem of service providers across Platform Equinix™. Review the partner classifications below and find the best fit for you and your company today.


Equinix Referral Partners

The Equinix referral partner ecosystem includes solution experts and services providers who can help enterprise customers accelerate their move to a cloud or hybrid cloud solution. These partners include enterprise-class real estate agents, managed service providers, system integrators, network and telco agents, and Value Added Resellers (VARs). Many of our referral partners are certified to design and deliver a variety of private and hybrid cloud solutions with access to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle Cloud.


Equinix Reseller Partners

If your technology deployment requires an end-to-end solution that is fully deployed and maintained for you, Equinix Reseller offer fully managed solutions that take the cost and time to develop, deploy, operate and optimise network and enterprise IT infrastructure. Whether you lack the resources to do it yourself or just prefer to expand your global technology capabilities using a cost-efficient OpEx delivery model, Equinix Resellers have deep experience in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.


Equinix Platform Partners

Our platform partners provide innovative and proven technologies to help make Platform Equinix a leading global ecosystem of more than 2,500+ cloud service providers including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS technology companies available through the Equinix Cloud Exchange and in our 180+ data centres worldwide.

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