The World as Your Platform

Equinix gives you the global data centre platform, extensive business ecosystems and unique expertise you need to build your digital edge and capture opportunities that span the globe.

Business Ecosystems

Plug directly into business ecosystems already supporting high-performance architectures for financial services, media, insurance, cloud, network and many other industries across the globe.

Global Data Centres

Reach 80% of the world’s population in less than 20 milliseconds, inside the most interconnected data centres in the world.

Unique Expertise

Our foundational involvement in global digital transformation over the past two decades has given Equinix unique vision into the future state of architectures and technologies that scale to the converging demands of today’s disruptive trends.

IOA on Platform Equinix

Leverage the core components of Interconnection Oriented Architecture on Platform Equinix for the performance, security and efficiency you need for success at the digital edge.

Download the Data Sheet

Build Your Core Network Nodes

Performance Hub brings your WAN and LAN together in edge nodes where traffic is localised, segmented and optimised.Download the Data Sheet

Realise Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Simultaneously orchestrate hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, accessing all the major cloud platforms across multiple locations.Download the Data Sheet

Quickly Store and Manage Data

Data Hub enables you to manage IoT and real-time analytics securely where data is collected by creating integrated edge storage nodes.Download the Data Sheet

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