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451 Research – Equinix Finds Enterprise Edge and COVID-19 Color the Interconnection Outlook

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Enterprises are looking to fill a need for edge locations and then address connectivity between various edge sites. This observation is based on the data Equinix gathered over four years for its Global Interconnection Index Volume 4 (GXI Vol. 4), which measures the growth rate of interconnection bandwidth and how enterprises consume this bandwidth. Learn about the emerging patterns across organizations’ digital infrastructure strategies and the need to be closer to end users and places of business in this report from 451 Research, an S&P Market Intelligence company.


  • Interconnection bandwidth will grow at a 45% CAGR by 2023, according to GXI Vol. 4
  • Enterprises are establishing edge hubs out of necessity and then expanding interconnection across multiple ecosystems and other metros
  • 41% of enterprises have moved applications out of a public cloud and into a colocation facility in the past 12 months, according to 451 Research’s “Voice of the Enterprise: Datacenters 2020” survey
Equinix’s observations would suggest that edge-minded thinking is headed in the right direction, as the data illustrates that companies are moving closer to the edge. As enterprises depend more heavily on public clouds and SaaS providers, and as compute, storage and even networking become more virtualized, it makes sense that demand for bandwidth and interconnection should continue to rise.
– Craig Matsumoto
Senior Analyst, 451 Research (an S&P Market Intelligence company)