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We are now reimagining our business/operating models in the post-COVID era. We are experimenting with an ecosystem approach where doctors and patients are directly connected, medicines are customised and insurance companies are connected to bring together a holistic healthcare and well-being experience for everyone. This next normal scenario will require new technology and digital capabilities, and a robust and dynamic digital infrastructure ecosystem.

- IDC Event Proceedings, sponsored by Equinix - Leveraging Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem to Gain Competitive Advantage, December 2020


IDC – Leveraging a Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem to Gain Competitive Advantage

This IDC Event Proceedings report summarises key insights from the recent IDC-Equinix virtual roundtable on 19 November 2020 that explored the competitive business advantages to be gained from leveraging a digital infrastructure ecosystem. The event highlighted key market trends and provided insights on how organisations could leverage digital infrastructure to build resiliency and gain a competitive advantage in uncertain economic environments.


Find out how digital is key for business continuity and how investments in digital experience have accelerated in 2020
Discover why leadership is maturing and now placing digital infrastructure and DX investments as a top business priority
Futureproof your organisation with ‘digital resiliency’
Improve employee performance through a hybrid work model
Create new business values with cloud ecosystems

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