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Gartner Research Report – How to Optimise Network Connectivity Into Public Cloud Providers

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In this Gartner Report: 'How to Optimise Network Connectivity Into Public Cloud Providers' Gartner states: 'Enterprise use of public cloud services will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 24% from 2021 through 2024'


When connecting to public CSPs, I&O leaders focused on implementing cloud and edge infrastructure should:

  • Connect to a wide range of CSPs by using cloud hubs or a software-defined cloud interconnect
  • Use cloud hubs when you want simple connectivity without additional functionality
  • Use SDCI to enable multicloud use cases or to improve connectivity, flexibility, management simplicity and performance


By the end of 2024, 30% of enterprises will use SDCI services to connect to public CSPs, which is an increase from fewer than 10% in 2020.
Gartner, How to Optimise Network Connectivity Into PubliCloud Providers; Published: 19 February 2021, Lisa Pierce, Danellie Young, Jonathan Forest

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