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IDC – Unlocking Data with Cloud Adjacency

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According to IDC, 80% of enterprises will run varying levels of data processing at the IoT edge. In tandem, organizations will spend over $6.2 billion on IoT edge infrastructure by 2022. Equinix and Oracle together can accelerate the digitalization with cloud adjacent database.


  • Interdependencies of applications will increase dramatically in the next two years leading the need for integration and orchestration
  • Edge location deployment needs a multi-locational hybrid data architecture
  • The five steps to build cloud adjacent architecture
  • Customer success story with Fung Group
Edge location deployment is required to address the challenges around network latency and data efficiency for real-time insights. This new requirement to store data at the edge will lead to the evolution of a new model of multi-locational hybrid data architectures.
– IDC Infobrief – Unlocking Data with Cloud Adjacency