AI Digital Data Marketplace Solution from Equinix® – A Step-by-Step Guide

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The U.S. Federal Government AI Data Marketplace Playbook outlines how government agency leaders are solving mission challenges using artificial intelligence (AI). By following the playbook steps, data providers and data consumers within and outside of government agencies can utilize the AI Data Marketplace solution at Equinix® to securely use and share datasets and algorithms to achieve their missions and lay the foundation for the future.


  • Learn the strategy that enables you to effectively train AI models critical to achieving missions
  • Use the steps outlined in the playbook to set up a secure data exchange within the AI Data Marketplace solution at Equinix
  • Learn how a data marketplace must support three data sharing trust models in order to accommodate datasets with differing security requirements
  • Distributed Security
  • Federal Government
  • Distributed Data
  • Digital Transformation