Solution Brief

Zscaler - Cloud-Based Private Access to Business Applications for a Remote Workforce

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Zscaler, a global cloud security provider, mobilized its own solutions with Equinix Internet Exchange™ and delivered the high-performance, secure network access needed for its customers’ employees to work remotely.

By leveraging Platform Equinix®, Zscaler was able to privately peer with hundreds of partners, content providers and carriers in major internet exchanges around the world, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for its customers’ users.


  • From January to April 2020, ZPA traffic increased more than 10 times
  • ZPA delivered high-performance, low-latency private interconnections, anywhere in the world
  • Zscaler's global customers enjoyed on-demand network capacity
  • Flexible network traffic shaping ensured the greatest quality of service to users
  • Hybrid Multicloud
  • Cloud Services
  • Network Optimisation