Platform Equinix Fireside Chat #4—How 5G Will Transform Enterprises in Asia-Pacific

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With a growing need to adopt smart technologies and utilise real-time data to make critical commercial decisions, leaders must now consider what the next phase of digital readiness looks like and the role 5G will play in this.

5G expansion can offer businesses enhanced digital mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. It also lays the foundations for real-time data intelligence, combining AI and machine learning, and will help make smart technologies more accessible. You'll gain a range of insights into how 5G is poised to transform Asia-Pacific enterprises.


  • Insights into the core benefits of 5G for delivering enhanced digital mobility, reliability and security
  • How 'Big Data' differs from 'data intelligence', and the role of 5G in enabling data intelligence
  • How public policy around 5G implementation is evolving

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