Using Adaptability and Resilience to Build the 'New Better'

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As companies navigate remote workforces and ever-evolving customer requirements, IT leaders are tasked with changing the way business is conducted to build a 'new better' future. They must minimize impact on operating procedures, quickly and without interruption.

This has created an unexpected opportunity to re-evaluate and accelerate IT initiatives and digital infrastructure strategies, whether it's implementing hybrid IT architectures or moving closer to end users.

In this roundtable hosted by 451 Research, you'll hear Aon Insurance, Sysco Corp and Equinix analyzing and discussing what it takes to become digitally ready, remain resilient against challenges, and build for the future. And all while bringing customers and partners along for the digital transformation journey.


  • Insights into how the ability to adapt and stay resilient helps digital leaders make better decisions
  • What companies can do to ensure business continuity
  • How organizations can emerge as more innovative and forward-thinking than before

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