AWS Outposts and Equinix - driving value for your business

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Hybrid cloud deployments are growing, and rearchitecting cloud infrastructure is one of the top priorities for IT leaders. 2020 saw a strong acceleration of hybrid cloud adoption. By 2022, over 90% of enterprise companies globally will rely on a mix of on-premises and dedicated private clouds, several public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs, according to IDC. Learn how AWS and Equinix can accelerate and optimize hybrid cloud deployments.


In this 45-minute webinar with AWS, Equinix and IDC, you will see:

  • What are the key insights of the markets and end-users adoption trends
  • How Equinix and AWS outpost transform your business with a seamless hybrid cloud architecture
  • How Equinix supports you to achieve low-latency, predictable, and consistent performance while reducing risks between AWS Outpost and your AWS region



  • Carla Arend, Senior Program Director and Lead Analyst, Cloud Europe, IDC
  • Therese Overstedt, Strategic Alliances Program Director, Equinix EMEA
  • Meena Gowdar, Principal, Product Management, AWS Outpost, AWS

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