Blueprint for Building a Digital Healthcare Organization

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Digital platforms and devices are seeing a surge in use with telemedicine and remote diagnostics already a practical reality, especially in COVID-19 times. With data volumes exploding, the entire healthcare value chain has to deal with the challenges of gathering, sharing, collaborating, processing and using data. 

The crucial step is going from being passively data-rich to actively data-driven. With private interconnection bandwidth for the healthcare and life sciences sector projected to grow by 47% by 2023*, the conversation around digital-first healthcare is gathering prominence. 

Our expert panel examines the building blocks that a modern healthcare organization needs and how the healthcare ecosystem can collaborate more effectively for better health outcomes.


  • Learn how hospital clusters, commercial entities and research entities use ecosystem data exchange safely and efficiently
  • Understand the changing relationship between life sciences organizations and healthcare providers
  • How analytics and AI capabilities can be scaled and deployed to enable better patient outcomes

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