Best Practices for Tomorrow’s Automated Vehicles

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The 2020s are destined to become known as the decade when connected, electrified and autonomous vehicles hit our roads, in conjunction with a variety of on-demand mobility services.

The key ingredients in these next-generation vehicles include data generated from inside and outside the autonomous vehiclem and machine intelligence technologies used for processing this data.

Our webinar explains how companies developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) can factor in filtering, processing and analytics closer to both the input devices and end-users.

You'll discover more about the best practices that allow peers and partners from the connected vehicles and smart transportation (CVST) ecosystem to meet, collaborate and co-innovate via direct and secure interconnection at the edge.


  • An analysis of the importance of heterogeneous connectivity, Big Data and ADAS for high-level automotive autonomy
  • Ways to power, connect and protect state-of-the-art ADAS
  • The impact of emerging technologies—IoT, 5G and AI—that are evolving digital architectures

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