Digital Leaders Summit 2021 – Dell Apex at Equinix: an Asia-Pacific perspective with IDC

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In this IDC fireside chat about the OPEX-based private cloud trends and market projections in Asia-Pacific and Japan, participants discuss how Equinix will partner with Dell Technologies to launch a breakthrough portfolio of 'as a service' offerings to simplify companies’ digital transformation and increase IT agility.


  • Companies worldwide made dramatic changes to infrastructure in 2020, ramping up three- and five-year digital transformation plans in just months to enable remote workforces, rework supply chains and logistics, and prepare for booming online business.
  • Digital resiliency is key, says IDC, and companies must maximise OPEX to support and grow digital business – and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Dell helps customers focus on the use cases they want to implement, whether virtual desktops or artificial intelligence, to strategise and execute their cloud migration efficiently.