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Healthcare R&D - the Importance of Collaboration and Data Management for Innovation and Growth

Innovation in healthcare research and development (R&D) is accelerated with knowledge based collaborations, and is essential, now more than ever, due to advancements in technology, new and complex diseases, and the emergence of patient power.

How can healthcare, life sciences companies and their ecosystem partners establish this collaboration model, leverage technology innovations, securely exchange and analyse large amounts of data, and deliver better health outcomes?

Watch this panel discussion to hear industry experts talk about why collaboration is on the rise, how this trend is benefiting the healthcare industry, and how they are building and leveraging these collaboration models to drive innovation and growth.


Gain insights on:

  • How global research groups are collaborating on data and findings
  • How technology - cloud, security and data analytics - is enabling collaborations
  • Why access to rich ecosystems is a key differentiator in R&D transformation
  • What are the emerging trends in Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world


Kent Ramchand, Principal Cloud Strategist and PhD Candidate, Telstra Health Enterprise

Mark Cowley, Computational Biologist, Children's Cancer Institute

Dr Denis Bauer, Head of Cloud Computing and Bioinformatics, CSIRO

Dr Bernard Ng, Head of Global Medical and Clinical Affairs, Bayer Consumer Health

Guy Danskine, Managing Director, Equinix Australia

Jeremy Knibbs, Publisher, The Medical Republic and Wild Health – Moderator

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