Hong Kong Digital Banking Ecosystems Reimagined

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In this webinar we discuss how digital banking has a new meaning in Hong Kong’s traditional Financial Stability Institute (FSI) landscape. For years, it was a channel. Incumbents focused on traditional banking services and maintained on-premises infrastructure and systems. 


That is no longer so. Regulators changed tactics, introduced virtual bank licenses, encouraged data sharing, and allowed new challenger banks and payment systems to take root. Now, incumbents are re-evaluating their banking model.

According to our expert speakers, the future lies with infrastructure-agility led by secure yet agile interconnection and digital proximity to pivotal fintech and financial services providers. This empowers Hong Kong banks to reimagine new banking models, create new platforms, build new ecosystems, and remain relevant in a fast-shifting landscape. Our webinar digs deeper into what an interconnection-first approach means to Hong Kong C-level and senior banking executives.


  • How banks are preparing for a digital-first banking market landscape
  • The challenges banks are facing or may have overlooked
  • Fintech threat? Partner? Or a mixture of the two?
  • A discussion on the future the role of banking

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