The Role of Edge Computing in the Internet of Things

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The past few years has witnessed a rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IOT) solutions. Edge computing and AI have been integrated into IoT architectures, enabling a transformation of ICT and the digital transformation of a wide range of sectors and industries. 

In this webinar our speakers talk about how 5G and other technology movements are affecting the growth of IoT, and how it is now becoming central to the operation of many enterprises. This, according to our speakers, is the decade for major organizations to adopt wholescale and edge-based IoT.

We consider how connected device makers can meet, collaborate and innovate with partner ecosystems via direct and secure interconnection, and discuss how to scale operations, optimize supply chains and extract the full potential of IoT.


  • An overview of best practices and new considerations for IoT markets
  • How to process data in real time to derive maximum value from captured data
  • Including edge architecture into your IoT environment, and  factoring in data filtering, processing and analytics closer to both the input devices and end users

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