Monetizing the 3 Cs: Customers, Clouds and Connectivity

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Service providers face the challenge of selling cloud solutions to customers who often have no clear idea of what they want to do with the cloud. 

And, as enterprise cloud environments become ever more complex, while hybrid clouds often include multiple public cloud providers, offering cloud services is a real juggling act. We analyze how to deliver the seamless and reliable cloud services that big organizations expect, while retaining airtight security.

In this Equinix Expert Panel, key industry leaders explore how service providers can help enterprises balance the 'three Cs' of customers, clouds and connectivity in an increasingly challenging and competitive IT environment—and still make money from delivering it.


  • How service providers can enable efficient delivery and orchestration of cloud services for enterprises
  • How service providers can maximize performance out of any cloud scenario
  • How service providers can walk with enterprise customers on their cloud journey

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