Instant Payments Systems (PIX) and their Impact on the Economy of Brazil

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PIX is a real-time payment (RTP) initiative by the Central Bank of Brazil which allows electronic money transfers in real time and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We discuss the importance for financial institutions in Brazil of leveraging the value of PIX. We believe it is critical if you want to gain a competitive edge within the financial ecosystem.

In this Equinix webinar, we analyze how financial institutions in Brazil and their customers can benefit from the opportunities that instant payments systems (PIX) present. 


  • Analysis of the impact of PIX as a replacement for DOC and TED processes, and the role of traditional financial institutions in this new ecosystem 
  • The current status of instant payments and open banking initiatives in Brazil
  • How banks can adapt their infrastructure to deal with the technological and operational challenges presented by PIX, how it can affect data sovereignty and cloud infrastructure availability

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