Digital Transformation and the Need for SD-WAN Adoption

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The use of cloud-based applications, including global collaboration tools, has skyrocketed during the global pandemic. Organizations now require bandwidth that is robust and highly scalable so they can seamlessly connect to their remote workforce. 

With data centers becoming more virtualized and more distributed than ever, Multiprotocol Label Switching Systems (MPLS) can no longer serve the need for quick and efficient connectivity.

In this panel discussion, experts talk about SD-WAN adoption and the key points organizations must keep in mind for a successful digital experience strategy.


  • We highlight a range of actions for digital transformation
  • The benefits of dynamic SD-WAN and the ability to modify WAN policies to cater for application criticality, performance needs and security requirements
  • How to implement an SD-WAN strategy at the edge for centralized visibility over the distributed network

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