Securing EMR Data in the Cloud and Scaling for Telehealth and Remote Workers

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Two visionary leaders from Sentara Healthcare & Optima Health discuss their decisions, actions and the architecture they deployed to enhance patient outcomes.

Our speakers explore the key benefits of a cloud-first architecture and how it can enhance security, maintain privacy and improve the flexibility you need to take electronic medical records to the cloud. Our webinar also explains how Sentara unified an Epic EMR system with 20+ EMRs while enabling machine learning and AI to provide new solutions for the global healthcare community.


  • How the proximity of ecosystem partners enabled the scaling up of 75 providers to 2,000 in just two weeks
  • How we scaled to 60,000 daily mobile app views of patient records, billing, insurance and test results
  • How we managed 15x growth of telehealth visits in two weeks with no wait times

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