eBook 6 Emerging Trends Faced by the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry is facing disruption from digital innovators in their ecosystem and must transform their often centralized, mainframe-based IT infrastructures. They have to adopt contemporary IT services that support the use of multicloud infrastructure and allow insurers to leverage the digital edge to bring customer-focused delivery capabilities to their users, partners and clients.

This report highlights six macro trends that shape the insurance industry facing constantly changing customer behaviors, business models and working environments.


  • Harness the power of digital capabilities and adopt a flexible cloud infrastructure
  • Consider interconnection as a top priority in their digital IT transformation strategies
  • Re-architect digital edge infrastructure to enable end-to-end visibility and insight
  • Address infrastructure pain points with Equinix’s Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®) solutions
IoT, AI and machine learning enable risk reduction by providing real-time data and thus enabling more accurate assessments of risks. Prevention is an important element of the mindset of today’s insurer and next-generation IT infrastructures are the pillars that can support this new type of approach.”
- “6 Emerging Trends Faced by the Insurance Industry,” Equinix white paper, October 2020

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