Paving the path from open banking to open finance in Benelux

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To unlock the full potential of an open data economy within the European Union (EU), innovative financial companies must increase data sharing so they can reap the benefits of an open economy. Banks and fintechs will be able to bring specialized applications to market quickly, which will put more power in the hands of consumers as they make decisions around financial management and wellbeing. In this Finextra-Equinix whitepaper, see why the move from open banking towards open finance will lead to a shift in the entire banking process to one of open collaboration across a digital ecosystem of partners. This will drive demand for interconnection—the direct and private exchange of data between key business partners.


  • Which innovative pioneers in the industry are leading the way to open data sharing
  • The challenges posed by compliance APIs
  • How platform infrastructure is the key to integrate services, partners, cloud, and applications for a successful open data economy
  • the new technologies that make this data sharing secure
  • How the Benelux region, the center of European financial regulation, is well-positioned as a microcosm of how the new economy is unfolding
Clients in wealth management clearly want more digital services and they expect these services to be personalized to them. Personalized service is what private banking and wealth management have always been about. …as an industry this is the first time in our history when we have the opportunity to provide this level of personalization and do it at scale using AI.
Clara Durodié
Executive Chair, Cognitive Finance

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