Healthcare R&D: Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Greater Collaboration

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The healthcare and life sciences industries have seen surging collaboration and commercial partnerships – ones that mirror the growing complexity and multidimensional challenges facing healthcare and medical R&D worldwide. This report engages with specialists and researchers to understand an increasingly collaborative landscape, including its biggest drivers, risks and opportunities.


  • Explore how COVID-19 is accelerating collaborative trends, including which may stay or go
  • Understand deepening challenges for collaborative research, and how organisations are solving them
  • Find out why complex new diseases and society-wide health challenges demand greater collaboration than ever before
This is a pivotal moment for healthcare and life sciences. Now, after a global pandemic has turbo-charged the growing trend of partnerships and acquisitions, there’s never been a greater chance to push through longstanding siloes and realise the multidisciplinary innovation necessary for meeting the health challenges of today and the future.

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