Key trends in payments and banking infrastructure

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The banking and payments ecosystem has evolved with the development of newer business models and backed by technical infrastructure that increasingly features greater connectivity, responsiveness, reliability and security. This paper looks at six use cases for these newly architected systems and how they can bring efficiency, security, speed and cost savings to financial services companies and their customers.


  • The emergence of Banking as a Service (BaaS)
  • Modernisation of core banking platforms
  • Local processing of banking and payments
  • Real-time domestic payments
  • Prevalence of open banking
  • Need for cross-border payment rails
When it comes to decisions on infrastructure and the deployment of servers and networks, where that infrastructure will be located and how it will be connected are important questions for CIOs and IT admins.
- Equinix white paper, 'Key trends in payments and banking infrastructure', May 2021

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