Transform your manufacturing IT with interconnection at the edge

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Socio-economic, technological and industry-related challenges are combining to put IT infrastructures and the teams that are responsible for them under extraordinary pressures. Manufacturers need to innovate, increase supply chain efficiencies and manage real-time data flows to attract and retain customers. Learn how manufacturing leaders can tap into the power of interconnection to enhance manufacturing IT and business agility in this guide from Equinix.


  • Why greater IT agility is essential for global manufacturing operations
  • Why IT architectures must be re-imagined to meet changing business needs
  • How manufacturers can take advantage of interconnection services to build more dynamic, flexible IT infrastructures
5G is promising to revolutionize the manufacturing industry being the first mobile/ wireless communication network capable of advancing business use cases, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and industrial internet of things (IoT). Manufacturers must stay up to speed with trends such as digitization, automation and servitization or risk being left behind.
Equinix How to guide, November 2020

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