Reduce cost, increase performance with cloud solutions from Oracle Cloud and Equinix

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An organization may have limitations as to what it can and cannot move to a public cloud—either due to regulatory compliance, internal corporate policies, or architectural constraints associated with security, latency, performance, and overall quality of service. As you develop your cloud modernization strategy, it’s important to balance the risks, challenges, and potential limitations of migrating your Oracle database to the other public clouds.

In this whitepaper find out how to leverage cloud adjacency and Equinix Fabric™ to maximize value and minimize risks.


  • How Oracle database platform software customers can protect their experience and investment
  • Understanding the challenges of migrating your Oracle database to the non-Oracle public cloud
  • Alternative solutions from Equinix and next steps to solve use cases
Network Edge from Equinix is a virtual device that works together with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s FastConnect and Equinix Fabric™ to establish secure access to cloud platforms that may not be local to a business’ data center locations. It enables organizations to select, configure and connect virtual network services to rapidly access cloud platforms without additional space, power, hardware, o
Equinix whitepaper, December 2020

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