Growth in Real-Time Payments Fuel Innovation in the Banking Ecosystem

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Real-time payments are not just faster or just instant; they are laying the foundations for the next generation of commerce. When combined with rich data, open banking, and interoperability in a highly-networked global economy, real-time payments will underpin a new world of possibilities.

In this research report, Finextra Research and Equinix explore how real-time payments lay the foundation for future innovation.


  • How global standards are a catalyst in the growth of real-time payments
  • How innovative infrastructures create benefits for the finance industry
  • How cloud computing and moving away from legacy systems is benefitting the industry
As real-time payments grow in popularity, cross-border payments in particular have the potential to stimulate economic growth and break down barriers to trade. To make this a reality, many payments providers realize that the infrastructure is a scale game that requires collaboration to make real-time payments economically viable – and cheaper for the end users.

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