Rethinking the Data Centre with Interconnection

IDC explains how creating value, growth and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models and relationships requires 3rd Platform IT and interconnection-oriented architectures. Equinix offers the best platform needed to best leverage 3rd Platform technologies and succeed in the digital economy.


  • Digital transformation (DX) is changing the way business gets done.
  • Traditional enterprises – "cloud immigrants" – face disruption at every turn from agile "cloud native" competitors that are changing the rules of engagement.
  • IT delivery needs to evolve from centralised and siloed to geographically distributed and interconnected.

The changing nature and velocity of businesses, the accelerating pace of 3rd Platform–driven technology innovation, growth imperatives and globally distributed base of customers, employees and partners are converging to elevate the importance of agile, scalable business ecosystems, which leverage on-demand access to IT resources, analytical tools and data to create business value at the edge.

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