Organisations are adopting NFV to Reduce Complexity, Ease Management

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IT infrastructure has become more complex, especially with networking and the reality of highly distributed infrastructures. As a result, many organisations are turning to network functions virtualisation (NFV) as it simplifies how corporate networks are planned, deployed and managed, in a cost-efficient, reliable, expandable and secure platform. This TechTarget paper provides insight into the state of NFV adoption and offers a specific approach to optimising the benefits of the technology.


  • Key drivers for NFV adoption
  • Current state of NFV adoption
  • Preferred NFV deployment strategies
  • NFV-related challenges
Equinix’s Network Edge is designed for the reality of today’s digital transformation movement, enabling a consistent end-user experience, extensive use of automation and analytics, instantaneous deployment of virtualised network functions and widespread support for both cloud-only and hybrid environments.
TechTarget white paper
'Organisations Increasing Their Adoption of Network Functions Virtualisation to Reduce Complexity and Ease Management', May 2021