Transform your IT for banking’s digital revolution

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Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option if banks are to stay competitive. Banks need a flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure to innovate with speed, maintain resilience and security, and deliver new digital experiences. The first of two e-books reviews the compelling case for digital change and the crucial role interconnection has in that process.


  • Discover the crucial role of digital enablement
  • Transformative infrastructure for a digitally0enabled bank
  • Learn the limitations of digital transformation's handbrake—legacy IT
  • Find out how interconnection, the key to accelerating transformation, helps
Interconnection enables the transition to a more dynamic, distributed IT architecture. It integrates people, clouds and data, facilitating secure delivery of high-quality digital experiences to customers around the world. Interconnection lets banks achieve the resilience and digital transformation they need to succeed.
Equinix e-book, January 2021

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