Edge Specialists

Experienced IT professionals to solve for the edge

Equinix Edge Specialists are a team of experienced IT professionals who enable customers, prospects and partners to develop innovative solutions to solve business challenges at the digital edge.


Business case expertise

Experience in application development and deployment, and the creation and maintenance of infrastructure that support complex environments across multiple platforms including cloud, distributed systems and complex networking

Edge subject matter experts

Edge Specialists guide customers in the best practices and recommended service configurations into the technical aspects of our 'as a Service' offers and supporting technology including SDN/NFV architecture, SD-WAN, IaaS, and orchestration and automation

Innovative solutions

Our experts have years of global experience helping enterprises across all major industries successfully transform their digital business infrastructure by bringing ideas and innovative solutions to customers

Discover Equinix Edge Services

See how the unique capabilities of Platform Equinix can add value to your business with digital services.


Network Edge

Revolutionise the way you build and manage your network, virtually. Select, deploy and connect virtual network services at the edge in minutes – without additional space, power, hardware or equipment.

Equinix SmartKey

HSM as a Service for secure key management and cryptography to protect data in public, private, hybrid or multicloud environments and simplify provisioning and control of encryption keys.